Product Application

  • Collating
  • Folding
  • Gluing
  • Kitting
  • Label Application


Assembly Assembly - Our assembly lines can be adapted and reconfigured to meet most any projects requirements. From a small assembly job to a large and complicated project.

  • Hand Assembly - Tasks that are completed by human hands or manual labor.

  • Kit Assembly - The components of a custom distribution package are often produced by many different suppliers and therefore require kit assembly. We can assemble all the different components into a kit and then fulfill those kits to a distribution list. We can also support your design and the actual production of the components whether they're print, premium or point-of-purchase items. Our kit assembly services include both on-demand kit assembly and pre-assembly for the creation of in-house stock items.

  • Cable Assembly - Wire or set of wires that are terminated at the ends with contacts and connectors to establish an electrical connection between 2 points. Harnesses, Coil cords, DIN, Crimp, IDC, Ribbon and D-Subs are some types of cable assemblies.

  • Contract Assembly - Is a term referring to a service that specializes in the assembly of a product though the use of manual labor, fixturing or automation.