Product Application

  • Hand Pick/Pack
  • Inserting Materials
  • Multiple Pieces Mixing
  • Folder Assembly

    Pick and Pack
  • Product Mixing
  • Variety Sampling
  • Inventory Stock Fulfillment

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • LT
  • LTL
  • Direct to your customers
  • UPS World Ship available

Fulfillment, Pick & Pack, and Collating

Fulfillment, Pick and Pack, and Collating Fulfillment - The overall logistics associated with a product or products including but not limited to; material handling, collation, incoming inspection, order processing and tracking, inventory control, warehousing, assembly and/or transportation.

Pick & Pack - This is part of the order fulfillment process which includes the physical locating or "picking" of a part out of inventory, and then packing the part into a box for shipment.

Collating - The assembly or sorting of many different items in a prespecified order or arrangement.