Product Application

  • Promotional note pads
  • Calendars
  • Tape rolls
  • Books
  • Business Cards
  • Multi-packs
  • CD/VHS/Cassettes
  • Bundling
      - Club Stores
      - Promotional Items
      - Sample Items

High Speed Shrink Wrapping

High Speed Shrink Wrapping Shrink Wrap - Probably the most common of all methods, shrink wrapping is accomplished by trimming a piece of shrinkable film around an object, and then sealing it through a heat "tunnel" which "shrinks" the film to conform to the exact size of an outer box product. This is a tamper resistant covering that it is very common at the retail level on products such as gift sets, software, and games, to name a few. The gloss effect created by the film tends to give a product or box a richer appearance.

Shrink Wrapping is used to hold individual items together into a group as sold in whole sale cubes; to wrap and seal boxes like cosmetics and perfumes; to attach promotional literature to products or to hold thin items like gaskets and posters to a cardboard packing. We use different gauge shrink films depending on the product requirements.

If you need to tightly group, seal band or configure multiple items together for prominent, value-added retail promotions, shrink wrapping is generally your best bet.