Product Application

  • Toys
  • Fishing lures
  • Promotional merchandise
  • Hardware kits
  • Household products
  • Office supplies

Skin Packaging

Skin Packaging Skin Packaging - Versatile and easy-to-display on pegs, skin board is a natural choice for mass merchandisers. In this process, a single piece of plastic is drawn down over a product of almost any size or shape. Wherever the plastic meets a heat-activated adhesive, a bond is formed. The printed board, ink, coating, production film and machinery all work together for good adhesive.

Vacuum-sealed skin packaging keeps a product looking its' best. Skin packaging offers a unique combination of containment and display possibilities. The technique offers the same display advantages as shrink wrapping, but with greater film strength and absolute product immobilization. This permits heavier sharper items to be successfully contained while being completely displayed. The skin film, which molds itself around the product, protects it and the card backing from wear and tear while still allowing a clear view. Since the product is immobilized it cannot shift. This is very useful, especially for a multi-component product such as hardware and tool products.